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Why Use a Denver Business Broker?

Selling a business can be a challenging task especially if it's a first time sale. Finding a competent business broker, familiar with your particular business arena, is the key to meeting that challenge in the most fruitful and stress-free manner. Denver Colorado and the surrounding areas are a unique culture, and finding a business broker that knows Denver, it's people and it's business climate is your on-ramp to a successful sale or purchase of a - specifically - Denver business. Paul Olsen has been a leading Denver business broker, mergers and acquisitions intermediary and professional business valuator since the 1980's.

Sellers need to know, no matter how good your business broker is , it is the buyer environment and the quality of the marketing package that may determine the final selling price of your Denver business. We, at company broker, employ the latest marketing techniques, aimed at the Denver, Colorado mindset, to put your business in front of the buyer in the most effective manner. Knowing the unique Denver business climate gives company broker intermediaries the inside track on finding unique buyers and sellers in the Denver area.

Denver Business BrokerThe Denver-based business broker will always have a substantial advantage, and more success at, selling a Denver business for a premium - as compared to a broker located out of state. This is logical, simply because the local broker will know much more about current market conditions, the demand for the products and services needed.

Most importantly, he will be much more capable of getting a buyer excited about the upside potential of the business, a, specifically Denver, company.

This is because of a Denver business broker's experience with the local big picture. Stated differently, how effective can a business broker, or a mergers and acquisitions expert, located in Texas or Florida be in selling a business in Denver? The out of town business broker knows nothing about the local economy, or how explosive the growth has been over the last three decades in Denver, or the state of Colorado in general.

Also, if you're selling your business , you want a broker who operates within 10 or 15 miles of your business location so that they will be available to talk with you face-to-face about any matters that you have currently, or any problems that may crop up unexpectedly in the days to come. An out-of-state broker simply will not have the hands-on attention that you will need if you're looking to sell your business 'quickly and quietly' and for the highest possible sales price.

Independent and local business brokers and mergers and acquisitions experts work with each business owner/seller on a one-on-one and intimate basis. Conversely, large national business brokerage firms tend to have many brokers - in an employee status - and you can get lost in the shuffle. Having one dedicated Denver business broker as your point person beats the hell out of dealing with various different employee-brokers over the course of your sale or purchase event.

Denver Colorado is unique in many ways and it is good to know how! For example Colorado is the only state in history to turn down hosting the Olympics. In 1976 the winter Olympics were planned to be held in Denver, but a majority of state voters chose to not host the Olympics, because of the negative impact it would have on the state of Colorado, the city of Denver, and the people of Colorado.

The people of Denver have a unique love of their home city , and are the very kind of people you will have the pleasure of doing business with

A savvy native Denver business broker will understand the impact of related local businesses that do not exist in other locations. For example skiing. Skiing season can hugely impact other businesses, like Denver restaurants, hotels, clothiers, etc., as people pass through en route to skiing destinations. How your business could benefit from seasonal outdoor sports and activities would be well understood by our seasoned Denver business brokers.

Mergers and Acquisitions / Denver

what makes company broker unique as we can offer our clients local Denver representation with national exposure. Company broker is a Denver mergers and acquisitions specialist, with a definite finger on the pulse of opportunities for our Denver buyers and sellers. Company broker licensed business brokers are very well-versed in the types of licenses and permits needed along zoning requirements and environmental concerns, affecting establishing a businesses in the Denver area.

Professional Accurate Valuation of Your Business

Having a professional evaluation of your business that is both realistic and beneficial to the seller is of utmost importance most business owners don't know how much they could possibly seller business for, how to emphasize the prophet, or value the business realistically. The most common mistake business owners make is valuing their business on an emotional potential buyer will not have the emotional investment you have in your business

Some financial considerations of a merger or acquisition