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Denver Business Broker Paul Olsen will Sell Your Denver Business! Quickly / Quietly!

To sell or buy a Denver Business - it only makes sense to use a native, Denver Business Broker!

From the Seller's Side
More often then not, a (Denver) business broker or mergers & acquisition expert will be marketing the competing businesses on the market. Business brokers are usually found representing the seller, so are obligated to represent a realistic sale value. Unrealistic business valuation, by sellers, is a common impediment to a successful sale. A business broker must also try to net the highest possible sale price - as well as the most favorable terms for the seller.

Sellers need to understand , no matter how hard competent business broker is, it is the buyers and the quality of the whole package that impacts the final price and terms most significantly. However, a powerful and experienced Denver business broker like Company Brokers can make a huge difference in engineering the BEST deal for you - the seller!

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An experienced, professional Denver Business Broker
will engineer the most complete sales marketing packet to generate the most buyer interest possible. The broker will also keep the seller in the loop and informed on the current state of his listing and will do all in his power to maintain confidentiality of the sale of the business.

bear in mind, selling a Denver business "is a two-way street" and relies on the participation of both sides – the seller - and an experienced Denver business broker. The seller needs to keep the broker in the loop regarding the business -
  • Sales trends
  • Industry trends
  • Changes in financial status
  • Major equipment purchases
  • Inventory fluctuation, etc
The broker and the seller must work together ; they are on the same side, and they should work as a team. Finally a good broker will take no money up-front. A business broker, confident from prior performance, won't ask for up-font fees. If he is truly capable of moving your business, he will be confident in his ability to make a higher commission by netting the seller a higher sale price.

The business broker's fee should be figured by the final sales price. In other words, the more the business broker nets for the seller, the greater his reward. That is a no-brainer, the broker and seller have an absolute, common goal.
Denver Business Broker
From the Buyers Side

The advantages of a prospective Denver business buyer using a Denver business broker, are the many opportunities that can be presented to the Denver buyer. Many buyers may think they want a certain kind of business, but, in all fairness, they often have no idea of the various businesses that may be available - in the Denver area.

At Company Brokers, we are very good at engineering superior sales packets that enable the buyer to "remotely review" the potential purchase from their own location.

Please call or email us to review our unique sales packets.

No one likes wasting time, and a professional Denver business broker for a Denver buyer can show only businesses in the Denver area, and within buyer's means, while providing the necessary income for their families. Buyers want honesty in a business sales package. A business broker is an "intermediary" - that can remove hurdles and resolve misunderstandings that could sink a deal.

Professional business brokers will net you more money when you sell your business - 100% of the time. They understand all the details of a business sale. They can bring the sale to a successful close.

Paul Olsen - Denver Business Broker /  303-382-1906

Paul Olsen Denver Company Broker If a Denver buyer and seller are honest with their Denver business broker - a win-win situation will result. In return, business brokers need a seller who is really a seller and a buyer who is really a buyer. Buyers and sellers should expect a lot of a professional business broker. The business broker also has the right to expect serious participation from the seller or buyer.

Almost all businesses include of the following:
  • Fixtures and equipment
  • Inventory (or stock-in-trade)
  • Accounts Receivable and Working Capital.
In addition, it's possible that a business might include some of the following:

  • The real estate at the location of the business
  • Customer and/or mailing lists
  • Patents/copyrights
  • Non-competes.
  • Large heavy equipment and vehicles, etc.
  • Proprietary software or other technology

Any of these factors, can positively or negatively impact the asking or selling price of a business on the market.

Anyone who considers selling - or - buying a business, needs to understand the advantages of using an experienced business broker or a Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) expert.

Paul Olsen - Denver Business Broker /  303-382-1906