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Our Only Objective is to Sell Your Colorado Business “Quickly and Quietly”

Denver Business Broker / Sell Denver Business Please Click below, or on the video thumbnail, for video references of successful brokered sales of Denver business.

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Colorado's front range is a wonderful place to live … and to run a business. That's why our business brokers and associates live, and do business here. We all enjoy the incredible Rocky Mountains, and over 300 days of wonderful sunshine a year.

For well over 10 years now we have successfully employed the use of video to assist in many Front Range business transactions without breaching confidentiality or even hinting to your employees or customers that you're thinking about selling. Our videos are an excellent tool to show all the details of the transaction that you seek and the "upside potential" of the business to a few select buyers that we have reached out to confidentiality.

Choosing the right Front Range business broker specialist to privately and quietly represent your business for sale is critical in your efforts to maximize your sales price, and choose among many successful entrepreneurs who are seeking to move to the area and buy a Colorado business that they can take to the next level.

CBG, LLC provides a comprehensive list of services including business sales and transfers, business valuations, commercial real estate sales representation, business consulting, mergers and acquisitions, franchise expansion, and choosing the best exit strategy for you to maximize your sales price and minimize your taxes.
We are the ONLY Front Range business brokerage and mergers and acquisitions firm in Colorado or the entire Rocky Mountains Region, that we know of, that uses video to privately and quietly present a business sale to perspective buyers. Again, all other business brokers send buyers to your office so that you can meet with them on weekends or after hours to minimize the chance of breaching confidentiality.

However, we have learned that the large majority of these un-screened business buyers are often financially unqualified or incapable of running your business simply because they don't have the background or resume needed to take your business to the next level. Therefore, it is very typical that they cannot qualify to buy your business, or you simply are not comfortable selling your business to these buyers.

Front Range Business Buyers … please let us assist you in your Colorado business search. We are located in downtown Denver in a convenient office location within 20 minutes of Denver international airport and have 25 years experience living in the local market and doing business here. Please call us to learn more about our ability to match you with the perfect business in the perfect industry sector in the right sales price range.

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