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Sell Denver Business

Use to sell your Business in Denver, or anywhere in Colorado!

Denver Business Broker / Sell Denver Business Please Click below, or on the video thumbnail, for video references of 20 successfully brokered business sales of Denver businesses.

Sell Denver Business
Over the years, we have brokered over 350 successful Denver, Colorado business sales. Full Sales Prices, "Quick and Quiet" Closings, & Highly-Qualified Buyers!
Before you decide to move forward and sell your Denver business, you owe it to yourself to call The Business Sale Specialists, Denver Business Broker, Paul Olsen.

Our professional and experienced staff will net you the highest possible reward for selling your business. Call Denver Business Brokers Paul Olsen and Jeff Chapman today at 303-382-1900, or direct at 303-382-1906. We are the #1 rated Denver Business Broker. Though headquartered in Denver, we will represent ANY Colorado Business for sale.

Why Do I Need a Denver Business Broker?

The selling of a business anywhere can be a complex process and is far different from running it successfully. In addition, Denver is a unique location with it's own rhythm, lifestyle and business climate.

Business owners in general are better at running, then selling, their business. Marketing a business, itself, requires an entirely different skill set than marketing that business' product.

Selling a business involves much more than merely 'birdogging' potential buyers. You should rely on professionally-trained Colorado Business Brokers and Mergers and Acquisition experts in the sale of your businesses.

Why Should I Use 'This' Denver Business Broker?

Knowledge of the Denver Business Arena:

We can 'shop' your business without employees, competitors  and even the customer base knowing about any potential sale. This is vital for continuity of business while walk-throughs, negotiations, etc, occur. A good exit plan is ultimately finding ONE BUYER who will pay the highest price for your business, then a smooth transition to the new management/ownership.
Call Denver Business Brokers Paul Olsen and Jeff Chapman today at 303-382-1900 or direct at 303-382-1906.
Business owners who consider selling their company have often neglected the incredible potential of their business over the past 3-4 years. It is common that the owner is NOT doing all he can to grow the company with aggressive sales and marketing efforts. Business owners are often burned out and are no longer passionate about pushing the company like they did when they first started the company.

With our View of YOUR Company’s Value, we strongly feel that the ultimate maximum sales price for your business will be largely based upon our company’s ability to locate that one buyer who sees the potential "gold" in your business. I have always said, there are 2 “values” for every business. The first value is based upon traditional business valuation methods, which are largely just a multiple of cash flow.  Buyers, of course, love paying this value for a business because it naturally results in a low ball offer being acceptable.

Through effective "positioning and marketing of the business" we can typically engineer a much higher sales price for your business because we can get the buyer excited about the upside growth and potential of the business...and with a buyer who has the passion, vision, and financial resources to grow the business, going forward. A buyer who clearly sees the incredible upside growth and potential of your business will almost always pay substantially more than a buyer who simply wants to pay “2-3 times” the "trailing three years cash flow" of the business.

We have excellent and proprietary methods of getting buyers excited about, not ONLY what your business has BEEN for the last 3 or 4 years, but ALSO, what the business can BE over the NEXT 3 to 5 years. The right buyer can take your business forward, and bring new energy and commitment. We are experts at creating an excellent sales packet to help locate these kinds of buyers, and help them see the "GOLD" in your business. We do all this through an extensive video covering all the “up-side” potential of the company.

Sell Denver business / video marketingWE are proud to say that we are the ONLY broker, that we know of, using videos to present a business comprehensively.

Other brokers may have you do business “showings”, often done after hours or on weekends, to protect confidentiality. Often you have to do 20-30, or maybe ever 40 showings to get just 1 offer.

By then your clients, customers and employees know you are trying to sell the company. Through our unique methods, you avoid all of this. Instead of holding 10 or 20, or even 30 "showings" or "Dog and pony shows", you just do site walk-throughs and interviews through videos. These are done at the at the buyer's convenience, with no participation on the seller's part. Then - just let our professional negotiators do the rest

Video and other advanced methods we use to package the business, allow us to sell your business for substantially more money, on better terms, and far quicker than other brokers who typically have to conduct dozens of showings.

You probably know the value of your home. In fact you probably know the value of your checking account, or your IRA. But as a business owner, do YOU know the value of your most valuable asset?  Or most importantly, do you know how to maximize the value of, or increase the value of your business, if you're planning on selling it in the next 4 to 5 years?

Over the , our professionals have worked closely with Colorado business owners to value their closely-held business, and we ave worked with them to dramatically increase the value of the business in the years prior to selling. We don't charge for this service and we would very much appreciate an opportunity to work with you today to learn more about your business, and advise you on how to maximize the value for the day that you DO want to sell.

When Selling Your Denver Business, Cover These Three Basic Issues

  1. You want to as much money as possible and as much money as possible from, the buyer paid at closing.
  2. You want a solid buyer, who is creditworthy and has a strong net worth to grow the business going forward. You want a buyer that you can trust, and who you strongly feel will have good chemistry and dealings with your customers, suppliers, and employees.
  3. When the time comes to sell, you want your business sold "quickly and quietly". Confidentiality is paramount when selling a business, because you never want your customers, suppliers, vendors, or employees to know that you're selling until well-after the closing.

    For many years we have been involved in hundreds of successful Denver business sales, without a single confidentiality breach. We have a unique and proprietary method of privately and quietly presenting businesses for sale through the use of video which affords the smallest possible chance of a confidentiality breach.

Time Frame From Start, to Closing - The Sale of Your Denver Business

Denver Business Brokers Paul Olsen and Jeff Chapman, and Company Broker Group, will absolutely save you time and frustration when it comes to selling your business. We're the business experts who can guide you through every aspect of the selling process - from arriving at a fair market price to handling financial arrangements, and finally, closing the transaction.

We're good at what we do. That's why so many of our clients come back. Denver Business Brokers Paul Olsen and Jeff Chapman stand ready to handle even the most difficult transactions.

Clever Use of Technology to Market Your Business

25% of all businesses change hands each year. Because so many mid-size businesses go on the market each year, selling a small business is a competitive ordeal.

We can expose your business to prospective buyers not only in Colorado, but also throughout the United States and abroad, thus securing the greates variety of qualified prospects. A good Denver business broker is invaluable to the process.

Call Denver Business Brokers today at 303-382-1900 or direct at 303-382-1906

In addition to all the marketing, we screen potential buyers to determine their financial qualifications. We work with each potential buyer to find the right business for his or her needs. The prospects we bring to you are genuinely interested in your business as well as financially capable of making a purchase.

Did you know that only 1 out of 10 buyers ever buys the type of business they called about? Only one in fifty buyers buys the specific business they had initially called about!  While this can be maddening if you try to sell your business alone, it's a big plus if you are working with a professional Denver business broker. Since we receive dozens of inquiries each day, the fact that you listed your firm with us increases the likelihood of finding a buyer early in the selling process.


Determining the right price, of course, is crucial. We'll arrive at a fair market price that you can feel good about, because we know the prices of similar types of businesses in your area - in addition to market trends

We pre-qualify all inquiries about your business - and only then - arrange for buyer-seller meetings. Only with serious prospects, at  mutually convenient times, and with absolute confidentiality.

We will arrange for negotiations to occur in a professional environment, that focuses on rational business issues at hand, not emotional issues or potential personality clashes. We can do something you cannot do, we are able to pursue the buyer. If you do that, the buyer may feel you are desperate and will certainly low-ball you on the price.

Successful Sale of Your Denver Business

We are all well-trained Denver Business Brokers who are aware of your needs. In fact, most of us have prior experience as mid-sized business owners. Whether you are ready to sell your business now or are just beginning to think about it, call the us for a confidential, no cost appointment and business evaluation. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We can take the stress out of selling your Denver business and net you top dollar!

Denver Business Broker / Call us & tell us how we can be or service to you!